Welcome to Power Plumbing and Heating. For all of your heating and plumbing needs in and around Aylesbury.
Welcome to Power Plumbing and Heating.For all of your heating and plumbing needs in and around Aylesbury.

Power Flush services in Chesham

Does this sound familiar?


  • Radiator cold spots
  • Noisy pipework and radiators
  • High heating bills
  • Need to regularly bleed radiator?


Breathe new life into your heating system, and call us now to power flush your central heating system.


A common cause of all of these symptoms is a build-up of sludge in your radiators and connecting pipework.


The sludge is made up of a combination of dirt, scale, mites and rust from corroded metals.


This sludge reduces the performance of your central heating system, and puts pressure on some of its key components.


This sludge is easily removed by Power Flushing


We connect our power flushing machine and pump fresh water and a cleaning solution through the whole central heating system.  This cleans and flushes out all of the dirt and debris out of the pipes and radiators. We repeat this process until the system has been throughly cleaned.


We then refill the system, adding an Inhibitor to protect your central heating system for the long term. The whole process will typically take 6 hours to perform, and there is absolutely no mess.



Our standard Power Flush costs £360


****February Offer 25% off our standard price****



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